I show you all how to make a honey garlic glazed chicken thigh here's what you need you will need chicken thighs now these chicken thighs are Bone and Skin one you will need garlic powder black pepper honey soy sauce salt ketchup Sofrito I have garlic cloves chopped fine and I also have Sazon packets so now the first thing that we need to do is come over to these chicken thighs my hands are impeccably clean I'm going to go ahead and season are chicken thighs now I see I wash the chicken thighs and clean some I use lime vinegar drink cold water to clean my chicken now this says on packet is definitely optional you do not have to have the sezon package in order to make this dish I just happen to love sezon

How To Make Honey Garlic Glazed Chicken Thigh? Please Watch The Video Below

and I literally cannot live without it so that's why I'm using it but this dish does not you don't have to have the sezon packets okay alright so we're putting some garlic powder on and seasonal well we're going to put out some black pepper a little bit all right and when I turn the other side where the skin is we're going to season it again meanwhile over in a large frying pan I have oil just enough to coat the bottom okay and I'll show you how much oil I have in there I'm just using vegetable oil today all right this honey garlic glaze thigh is such a beautiful dish it's such an it's a wonderful taste guys if you've never tasted it you are absolutely love this let me get my other package here here we go that says on on there like

I said sezonas definitely optional I love the color that it gives it gives a beautiful color all right little bit of pepper meanwhile I'm going to go ahead and turn my oil on medium-high okay now we're going to use some garlic powder not a lot just a little bit okay cuz we don't want that garlic to burn in that well but we want to get a beautiful color on here okay okay just like so now I'm going to kind of rub the seasonings and just like this guy's I know I have a bit of a glare from my kitchen window the sun is shining bright guys and it's about 76 degrees out here and I'm right in front of the kitchen window and this gives me a little glare okay I'm just patting my son's own in their beautiful color okay just like this guy's

and I've had this chicken sitting out on the counter for about a half an hour I never like to cook my meat straight out of the refrigerator because they don't cook they don't cook the way I like them so I always let my meet set out for a while before I cook okay now what I'm going to do at this point any time you guys are dealing with poultry or any other role meets you always want to wash your hands because you never want to transfer bacteria and salmonella into your dish that wouldn't be good so always always wash your hands after dealing with raw meat stay with me to wash my hands up can I have a towel right here now the other day I made chicken wings and I saved the tips so that I can make a chicken broth and right now I'm taking those wings and I'm making chicken broth because I want to put like 1/4 a cup of chicken broth in this dish towards the end of the cooking okay so I have a little pot of broth going on the on the stove okay so now what we're going to do everyone imma show you the p.m.

that I have and just how much oil I'm going to put in it must be versus I'd come over this way here's my p.m. this is a large frying pan want to show you the oil that were using if you can see this that's about how much oil we're going to use today okay cuz we want to fry that skin up and we wanted to get nice and crisp okay so like I said I have this one in medium-high let that go for a little bit mean while I'm going to show you how to make our beautiful sauce okay let's come over here to our pan well that will heats up okay and the first thing that we're going to do and I'm going to give you guys measurements at the description below right now

I'm just going to eyeball it because I have quite a bit of chicken to cook tonight okay so now the first thing that we're going to do we're going to go ahead and put our honey in just like so isn't this beautiful you cannot lose when you cook with honey right there's our honey everybody let's get all of that out of there yeah I have a large amount of chicken that I'm making so this is going to be a different measurement than what I give you all okay there's my honey all right you're going to need soy sauce thanks. That was about a half a bottle of soy sauce and so when you you know soy sauce too salty and your honey is sweet so you going to have that sweet salty it's just beautiful and then you have that note of the fresh garlic

and you have to use a lot of garlic guys because that's why it's called a honey garlic glazed Wing nowhere using ketchup here put that ketchup in there just like so okay and now for our Sofrito back in the back and are garlic we're going to use that after we're going to put that in after a chicken gets them if that's going to go in the pan with the chicken okay so now what we're going to do let me get a spoon it would just going to stir this up the honey the soy sauce the catch up Stir It Up nice and well right just like this could that catch up in there and what doesn't dissolve right now while we're mixing will definitely dissolve when we bring this to a boil cuz we're going to bring this to a boil okay and then it's going to reduce down to this nice thick beautiful sauce all right so our sauce is done for now it's done let me give it a taste and

make sure that's the flavor that I'm Lenny oh yeah oh that's beautiful that's exactly what I'm looking for guys okay we'll take this instead of the side on the stove but we're not turning the stove on yet okay all right my oils not quite ready yet with my oils ready I'll be back and we'll fry this beautiful chicken out okay everyone we're back our oil is nice and heat it the way I'd like it to be and now we're going to go in skin first okay when the pop it in skin first and then don't touch it once you put it in don't go you know like what's the spatula order for touching it just let it go so your skin can get nice and crispy okay all right just lay on them are just like so this is such a great dish guy really good fish now you can do this with pork chops you can do this with lamb chops the same exact recipe Drifters this is fine like mistake-free such an easy recipe

It's okay if it doesn't get under all of the chicken right now hey that's just fine because it'll spread out once we get our soften ear and neck garlic McCabe chop very fine let's get that cooked up what's like this guy and there's just enough oil in there just want to cook this garlic in this Sofrito and you all know you've heard me say it before that when your Sofrito starts to turn a room in a little bit for you guys I know I have that glare from the window I'm so sorry but once your Sofrito starts to turn a dark hunter green you know that those festivals in that Sofrito it's nice and cook exactly how you want it celester that up just like this and get that garlic niacin and Roundup right now I have to turn my heat down okay and over here hold on let me get my Sofrito stirred him very well and this garlic I need to move my chicken thighs around a little bit just like this oh that's the Frito and that garlic now here's where the love happens guy now meanwhile let's come in over here my sauce I turned myself salon and I'm bringing it up to a boil okay you might take a few minutes but the one I get that boil okay and then once we once I see this come to a boil we're going to throw it in with our chicken okay and then we'll let it reduce poke the ones and reduce it'll get

so sick oh my goodness. Okay look at this see that the Frito in there if uniphyl garlic with a little bit of oil okay we're getting all that flavor look at this we're getting all of that flavor inside of the chicken this is what we want guy yes Lord and all you need guys all you need is some plain white rice on the side yes that's all you need know I mean you can make a baked potato that's actually what I'm making my husband tonight he's just going to have a baked potato with his but I'm having white rice okay here this is our garlic is doing wonderful sofritos cooking up exactly the way that I want it to is your mouth a little bit there we go back I mean well my phone is starting to Bubble a little bit over here I'm getting really excited yes who is Deelishis because I can't wait for you all to try it it says salty soy sauce the dentist and then sweet honey and then your next mix it with this fresh garlic is the Umami Factor make you say ooh Mami it does no seriously right okay

alright my garlic is getting nice and brown I don't want it to get to Brown and get because if you cook garlic too long what will happen without putting like some type of juice in with it what will happen to garlic as it'll get kind of bitter and we don't want that to happen so before that happens I'm going to go in with some of those fresh chicken broth that I made because it's only going to be a little bit just enough to prevent the garlic from burning okay so here's our chicken broth that I made with those chicken wing pieces I'm just a little bit if that's maybe 1/4 cup not a lot not allowed at all Saint is just going to kind of reduce down right let me show you my fault my fault is coming to a boil to see that nice dolphins coming to a boil just like this all right next thing we need to do dance we're going to pour that sauce over top of these chicken thigh and let it reduce k now you can imagine how that Sofrito in that garlic coming up into those chicken thighs with that little bit of chicken broth yes

okay all right guy I'm getting ready to pour or sauce in okay let me let it let that boy will die down just a little okay now let's go on in 40th just like this don't chord on top of your skin just yet okay cuz we like to try to aim for our skin to remain nice and crispy okay so let this see how I just poured it right in the middle right there now what's going to happen if that's false is going to I reduce going to start getting rich it's going to get sick is going to turn into a glace all right I'm so upset I don't have green onions today cuz you guys know me I never put green onions all over this for color but this is okay it's okay I work with what I have right all right and now I see the sauce starting to get sick and Rich that's what we're wanting I'm going to give this a taste test I don't want to burn my finger oh my goodness you guys you guys you guys have no clue what you're missing if you don't have them subscribe you might want to subscribe to one of them Skype today

if you know someone that likes a good meal and likes a good recipe tell them to subscribe if you enjoy this meal today guys give me a thumbs-up look how beautiful this is guys I am so pleased with this right now all right now we're going to start look how thick let me get a little bit let me get a bigger smoke Bruce Bruce oh my goodness Lord God is good God is good guys I'm telling you look at this and make sure make sure you use that chicken broth dies it was just a little bit maybe like 1/4 cup but that help prevent our garlic from burning I have a knock at my front door guys I'll be right back okay everyone I'm back oh my goodness you know what is my momma was here right now at Smacker you know what maybe isn't my grandma know I wouldn't I couldn't smack my grandma guys make you want to smack somebody guys this here

this is what you're looking for when you think about a honey garlic glazed chicken thighs it's reducing and it's getting nice and thick okay this is what we want to try this is what we want and now I have this on like I just a medium now over here here's the rest of my songs guys and guess what guess what I'm going to do I'm going to turn around I'm going to put the rest of that sauce in a mason jar guys and I'm going to have that sauce for rainy day when I just want to pour sauce on something that's going to be myself all that sauce is left over hey I'll have it left over but you know what if I don't drink all of it guys I could drink that sauce right out of a cup is so good now see I'm pouring this to free Towing that chopped garlic right over top of this with this sauce okay guys what I'm going to do I'm going to go ahead and get my plate plate this up

and I'll be right back okay everyone I'm ready to play. And as you can see one of the chicken thighs is gone yet my husband came in here and he grabbed him one he's happy now I'm ready to go ahead come on over here where I have white rice okay let's get us a chicken thigh and give this a taste of guy I am like so excited right now okay which one do I want I want a nice they're all nice I guess I'm just being greedy right they're all beautiful okay guys check this out smack dab good guys I promise you and taste so good where is someone's face right now when I need to smack someone cuz this is so good okay okay okay okay alright I'm getting up some soft here guys cuz I'm getting ready to pour it that is so beautiful guys like you don't even know how excited

I am right now you don't even know how my mouth is watering right now guys this is too much this is too much for one person to wait you know that's beautiful guys like seriously right a little bit little bit more sauce okay we're going in just one more time guys okay now going to give this a try I wanted to cool down a bit so I can taste it I don't want to burn that you don't like the life out of my tongue what I tell you what give me a second about 5 minutes I'll be back and we'll try it okay everyone it's been 5 minutes let's give this a try I'm sure it's cooled down enough good picture alright guys let's go let's begin okay oh man I cut like butter guys look at that glaze that nice sticky glaze right away guys I taste that garlic has soy sauce that's sofrito I know honey guys this right here this should be your go-to recipe when you have a cookout hey when it's hot outside you don't have to cook it on the grill cook it inside it tastes like you cook it on the grill Google well the sauce is amazing guys this sauce is better than any barbecue sauce you can think of Soul tasty guys

right I'm going in look at that look at that flesh you see how beautiful that is there's no pink going through there isn't that beautiful I got to go in and one more time guys this right here this is number one dish you got to put that rice on there when you eat it you guys don't know what you're missing you were here right now tasting this this is finger-licking good got to put that white rice on the side guys cuz this has so much flavor excuse me this chicken right here has so much flavor you wanted to stand up against something that you know doesn't have a lot of flavor like this plain rice is delicious guy Guy seriously this right here is award-winning I love it I love it guys I got to go in again in our crust on the top guys or a skin is still nice and crispy because we didn't pour the sauce directly on it you know look at the sky make this recipe for your husband's your wives your mother your family your kids they will love you for it guys this year is delicious guys I am in love in love guys this is the bomb the bomb.com Lord have mercy one more bad guys one more bite I am so happy with this recipe guys totally happy I know I keep saying one more buy it but this is so good I don't I can't I cannot stop somebody stop me and as always God bless have a great night and thank you all for watching good night