el pollo loco chicken recipe (copycat)
I do bright this video is actually a redo of a copycat that I did way back in 2012 restaurant called El Pollo Loco it's a grilled Mexican style chicken chain rope rolling out here on the West Coast and if you do a web search you'll find there's only one recipe out there on the web for copycats of El Pollo Loco and the funny thing is All The Barbers are using it they're just going to rearranging the ingredients list I use that recipe however I added an ingredient that I felt was missing that being said I was never really satisfied with this particular recipe I just thought it was missing some things so I did a little research on El Pollo Loco and found out that it actually originated in the Sinaloa area of Mexico started doing research on Sinaloa recipes and grilled chicken

How to make? please watch the video below


and I found some amazing ingredients that I have a feeling you're probably in the mirror Pollo Loco uses so without any further Ado let's get going without marinade we are going to be attending 1/4 cup of orange juice 1/2 cup of rice vinegar 1/4 cup of pineapple juice 1/4 cup of lime juice 1/4 cup of canola oil I have here six cloves of garlic that I messed up pretty finally will go with the dry ingredients but here I have two teaspoons dried ancho chili powder to teaspoon paprika 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1/4 teaspoon all spies 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper 1/4 teaspoons ground cloves 1/4 teaspoon ground coriander or ground cilantro

the same thing ground cilantro seed the kind of similar to what you'd expect from saffron so on this other recipe that again is all over the Internet with their using it several drops and I mean by several drops 8 plus of yellow food coloring and again I'm picturing this place starting in Sinaloa I'm not picturing them using food coloring I'm picturing them using something more natural something it would actually use and this is what I'm going to do here I'll show you in this recipe on using a few pinches of safflower a very very common Mexican ingredient they call it Pho saffron and it gives you that same yellow color that saffron gets from gives you but the flavor is very very light it's a very very light floral flavor than I have here one teaspoon of turmeric healthy also gives you that yellow Hue and I was very very pleased with the results

I got from all of this just go ahead mix it up ingredients LOLs kosher salt ground black pepper this was stopped and here's the chicken I'm using little over 5 lb decent sized bird is you can see it's kind of a half basically what I did was I spatchcocked it butterflying it and then I just cut it in half and if you want to see how I got a video for you up here I have a really simple Technique we are going to go ahead and bag these two and a half gallon bag marinade that are out coatsburg completely here there we go I'm going to places in the fridge we're going to allow this to marinade overnight I will meet you guys outside I have a surprise for you I've got a new grill that I'm going to debut on this video see you tomorrow okay tomorrow is here to cancel marinated we're ready to cook and S promise I something very special to show you guys before

I do just a little heads up anybody's been following me for a while knows that the few years ago I was doing videos for Primo ceramic grills will primo and I have rekindled our relationship going to be shooting some more videos for them starting this year and I'm very excited about that one of the cool things is they sent me a Primo round which is just the standard more economic kind of a standard shaped kamado ceramic Grill and they've also sent me this this is the Primo g420 which is kind of a category of its own it's a ceramic Dome gas grill but I've been playing with this and I can tell you it doesn't cook like your standard gas grill at all it's very amazing and you can do some things with this that you can't do with any gas grill like very long low and slow cooks for more information I'm not going to go through a whole or over you on this cooker however

I'll post a link right here to Primo's overview of this cooker it's an amazing piece of equipment here cooking so I have one of the low burners on its lowest setting and one of the high burners on this side of the cooker on its lowest setting that's been giving me 350 to 375 lb perfect for this cook check out the color that bird a cool is that what I'm going to do is place these on the indirect side breast away from the heat source and we are cooking knows how is a closing that lid the hot air was forcing the perfumed air with that that marinate smell it just smells unbelievable excited about this cook so what I need to be doing now it's just simply monitoring the chicken temperature and looking for 165 until it's done and one of the reasons why I'm doing this cook on a gas grill as that's how El Pollo Loco Cooks their chicken on a gas grill

so I thought this is this is a good choice see you in a bit almost done I'm almost done I'm going to go ahead and turn around just give it a little bit more color on the breast side to see you looking gorgeous turn this way here literally a couple more minutes will be done I just want to be a little bit more color in a bit write in 5 minutes since I last saw you guys I just put the chicken is done we're at 165 and a thigh 161 in the breast to cook time was an hour and 20 minutes to get this is a pretty big chicken it was over 5 lb so check it out it's gorgeous it's funny I'm used to burping a kamado so you don't have to burp this but I still hesitate a little bit going to go ahead and take this in the kitchen let it cool a little bit meet you inside for the taste test and here we are at all rested and perfect timing cuz my lunch time breast out here ice