I'm back and today today I'm going to show you all how to make another casserole today I'm going to show you all how to make a chicken and Dorito casserole here's what you will need you will need a bag of Doritos and the fact that I'm using I have the party size bag you will need two cans of cream of chicken condensed soup you will need one can of sweet corn or you'll need sour cream as well and also you will need a jar of Tostitos chunky salsa and I like to use the medium KY right and you will need a package of taco seasoning as well as chicken if you don't have a rotisserie chicken like I have here today feel free to boil about three or four chicken breasts and once you boil them until they're done and then you're going to shred your chicken after it's cooked since my rotisserie chicken is already cooked I'm going to put the video on Paul's and I'll debone my chicken

How To Make Doritos Chicken Casserole? Please Watch The Video Below

I'll come back and I'm going to show you all how to make one of the most delicious casseroles you have never sink your teeth down his you will need a 13 by 9 baking dish and make sure you grease it all right let me debone this and I'll be right back everybody okay everybody I have our chicken nice and deboned and with what I want you all to do is make sure after you debone your chicken you want to make sure you chop it up and find pieces okay cuz we don't want no huge pieces of chicken in your casserole at there was one other thing that I was going to say I know what I was going to say I'm going to post this video as soon as I'm done with it it's around about 6:15 right now but if this video doesn't Post in enough time that

I won't be able to do it but what I was going to say is maybe I can do a live chat tonight that would be really nice but it's all depending on what time does casserole is done okay and we'll see what time it is if I don't do the Super Chat tonight then I'll do one tomorrow okay that sounds like a deal so we have our chicken nice and deboned let's go ahead let's make some room here I have a nice clean Bowl here and you're going to want to squeeze me such a chicken down into the bowl make sure when you whether if you're using a rotisserie chicken you want to definitely make sure that you don't get any phones in with your chicken meat and you want to make sure that you don't have any skin okay make sure that your chicken is chopped up just like so and

I'll get down in there so y'all can see sweet corn if you're a person that's not a fan of corn if you would like to use peas or green beans whatever floats your boat you can but just make sure you drain it okay and this here is a 15.25 Oz can of sweet corn put that right on in there baby you hear me I'm so excited for this year and we're going to put a little bit of black pepper in okay let's do that now look at a cracked black pepper but everything else is so flavorful you don't really need a lot of spices okay let's make sure we get some cracked black pepper in there though okay because your salsa is so flavorful going to give off beautiful flavor and you have that cream of chicken which has a lot of flavor and also your sour cream all right so then let's go in with her cream of chicken just like so and make sure you get it all out of there okay let's see and we'll grab will go back in with a rubber spatula and get all that goodness out of these can okay just like so like

I said feel free to use cream of mushroom if you'd like some people will use cream of mushroom and they'll use one can of cream of mushroom in one can of cream of chicken it's really up to your discretion but when I make this I like to do the two cream of chickens absolutely okay here sis can you get the rest out at this one cuz we want all this goodness don't let anything go to waste this casserole is so delicious and a lot of you might say but Gina Tesoro absolutely I am and guess what guess what that is unbelievable about this the Doritos never get mushy they never get soggy and they never get much now the next day maybe the next day they might get mushy but for today they don't get mushy don't get soggy one bit and that's what

I love about this recipe and you can taste the Dorito flavor is just beautiful okay so now we have are cream of chicken two cans of cream of chicken soup one can of sweet corn or cracked black pepper you're going to go in with some sour cream this here is a 16oz and I'm just going to use a few dollars how much do unit just put as much as you would like to have in yours I'm going to put just three dollops just like so and you can see how much is left all right that's what we're going to do there with the sour cream beautiful let's give this a mix could get that goodness also they're going to mix all of this up and then we're going to add the salsa if you're the person that doesn't want to do chicken feel free to do turkey hey you could use ground beef as well a lot of people when they make this recipe they will use ground beef and I think it's a great idea okay but me personally

I love to use the chicken the chicken is beautiful in this tissue hear me look at this look how simple Hey listen here if you needed some help in the kitchen get those kids in the kitchen to help you yes get them in the kitchen to help you and there's one other ingredient that I left out then I didn't tell you all about which is my shredded cheese I have a bag of shredded cheese and I need to find out where Dakota put it beautiful now you're going to need is one bag and I'm going to use a nacho and taco blend OK unless he or has shredded cheddar cheese monterey jack with Blended spices so it has like a taco flavor to it which is beautiful for this dish in KC this see how

I wanted to get that sour cream there you go baby smells so good my goodness and it really has it's a beautiful color isn't it if you're the person that wants to do the ground beef you can do your ground beef ahead of time or day ahead of time and then when you come home all you got to do is assemble your casserole and throw that bad boy in the oven but me I just like to do the rotisserie chicken and I just bought my rotisserie chicken I didn't make it from Kroger's and hey I'm happy the bone that bad boy we got a casserole going on here that everyone in the family is going to love the kids love it the adults love it it's beautiful okay so now what we're going to do we're going to set this false aside and here's your pants okay what you want to do if you want to make sure that your pan is nice and greasy I just took a piece of paper towel and put some oil vegetable oil on here

and I went all throughout the span to get it nice and greet you want to smash some of your Doritos okay I don't suggest smashing it while it's fully closed because once you start the hit it one is going to pop open and you're going to have chips everywhere so what you want to do if you want to carefully open one then and then you can carefully parts of Prussia some of your nacho chips or Doritos if you wanted to use a different type of Dorito definitely you can they have different flavors they have like chili spicy Doritos they have Hot Doritos you know whatever the Cool Ranch you can use that any type of Dorito you want to use you definitely can let me take a peek at our bed let's see if they're small will not about just like that that's how we want to just a little bit smaller okay

so then I'm going to go in this is kind of therapeutic oh yeah alright so here's what we're going to do some in there how much do you know hey just want to come in there no stressing in this kitchen like I always like to say Hey listen here no stressing everything that I'm making this kitchen is so easy so much fun and yet it tastes so good to hear me absolutely is this all right just like that so you can see how they're not really huge pieces but that's just enough and I got a layer about this sick in the bottom of that can okay we'll probably get two players of the Doritos in this casserole if you want to use a circle dish you can

if you want to use a rectangular dish whatever you want to do whatever type of tissue would like to use will be just fine just fine okay so here's what you're going to do you are going to take some of your meat mixture oh yeah baby check me out check me out Hey listen here I didn't come to play with him today you all wanted more casserole dishes and I'm here to make them for you this casserole right here you all are absolutely love and if you wanted to you can put some hot sauce Tabasco sauce in here if you're that person that loved something hot but for me the salsa the medium salsa is just perfect because it has just enough spice to wear myself and my ten-year-old can stand the Heat and it still gives you a little bit of heat okay just like this this is beautiful and then we're going to go in with some cheese okay let's open up our cheese can y'all see that beautiful all right I'm going to take a drink of my coconut water

I've been drinking coconut water lately and I absolutely love it you hear me it's so refreshing but the thing about that is when you drink it and then now it's not coconut milk for coconut cream that's coconut water that I'm drinking the thing about it is when you drink that you definitely want to make sure that it's nice and cold okay or it just want a straight no it won't be that in there okay Indians we're going to go in with more Leah baby now we're talkin you hear me now some people like to have the chips on the top I'm not a fan of having the chips on the top okay not a fan of having the chips on the top so I'm going to do the bottom layer and the middle layer and I'm satisfied with that here you go get on their baby and Marianne was this beautiful chicken and that corn and it's sour cream oh my goodness and the stuff that you can put a layer of black beans in here

guys listen to me and hear me get you some guacamole on the side okay so this here is my second layer I'm only going to do two layers okay the bottom one in the middle one like I said those of you that would like to have the chips on the top as well but you seem to talk no problem okay and then honestly they weren't they will not burn no they won't and one thing that you're not going to do you're not going to cover this in the oven okay if you don't have your oven preheated already go ahead and preheat oven to 350 degrees at this time and we're going to plan the cook cyst for around about 35 to 40 minutes however long it decides to take

I will let you all know exactly how long it takes okay so then let's go in with our beautiful sauce the sauce makes just enough for a 13 by 9 pan like this okay you two loaf pans if you wanted to do one for your family and one for your neighbor you know maybe make one for your coworker or your friend or whoever just make it for somebody got is this delicious you hear me really it is and you can put green onions in here on top for a garnish it would be beautiful owe absolutely my husband is so excited for this recipe and we just can't wait we can't wait to have this and that pop of the Corn it's just just a note of freshness listen here I love the chickens

I love the chicken I've had it with ground beef right but it reminds me more of a taco salad when you have the ground beef you know what that taco seasoning but when you do it this way with the chicken hey it takes it to another level you hear me oh absolutely it does if you're that person that loves refried beans get you a can of I have to taste this guy I just have to let it soak so getting back to what I was saying if you are that person that loves refried beans grab you a can of refried beans denim a little bit with a little bit of water and milk to where they'll be nice and spreadable warm up okay but your little bit of milk or a little bit of water so they're spreadable and then you make you a layer spread you a layer refried beans in here guys listen to me you ain't seen nothing like this until you had it from Gina you remember Gina Young so she had to make it what do they call it they call it Dorito casserole my goodness look at this

I am so make sure you the bowl the bowl is almost complete and I seriously need to dig in before I lose my mind I have to taste that guy one more taste okay I'm done with that ball when is so good alright then what I want to do I'm not going to put my cheese on top yet not just yet but go ahead and bake this for 30 35 minutes on 350 degrees when it comes out you want to make sure this is nice and hot and bubbly oh you'll see that it's bubbly and it's done now remember we don't have to cook this chicken with there's nothing in there that needs to be cooked everything just needs to be heated up all right so once I feel like this is hot enough then we'll take it out the oven and we'll put the cheese on the top and you know that cheese on his only going to take a good seven and nine minutes to melt and get nice and bubbly and golden brown so I'm putting this in the oven right now I'll be back everyone hey everybody it's been 35 minutes left

but I because if we would have cheese on earlier what would it happen he is Archie's with a burnt because this cheese on top is only going to take like 7 and 9 minutes to get nice and golden brown okay so you get your mixture get your cat's real nice and warmed up and now that that's done then you put your cheese on and we have Chicken Doritos casserole and I am so excited do you hear me my goodness look at this Alvin know me you know right about now I'm looking for some where is it guys I'm looking for my parsley and I can't find it but I tell you one thing oh I found it put you some parsley on their guys why because it's so beautiful absolutely let's get this bad boy back in the oven once your cheese becomes a nice and bubbly and golden brown take it out and we have casserole 101 check me out guys smoke everybody are casserole has came out yes yes and yes look at this now you all didn't know me you know

I like to let it set up for good listener and set up for about 10 to 12 minutes okay give it a chance to kind of you know like hold together because I don't want to tip I don't want to cut it and it goes Splat onto our plate so we'll let it cool down just for a little bit not too long and then we'll come in and we'll cut it and of course I'm going to let you all have a taste I want to taste and imma let you all know what this tastes like is what you call a chicken Dorito casserole 101 if you never had this before you going to make you so absolutely okay everyone let's dig in God bless this meal thank you Lord for this meal today thank you for all your blessings taking care of us and keeping us safe

thank you for the roof over our head and all you do Lord amen all right let's go let's go now use a spatula so you can get this goodness out I know you all can hear the excitement in my voice okay I always like to use a spatula when cutting down into some type of casserole okay because I love to see a nice square look when I'm cutting down into any type of casserole just like this alright here's what we're going to do look at this bad boy you hear me hold on let me just fly this off of my spatula hello and this thing smells so good my word look at it guys look at it all yeah oh yeah look at this, let me scoop my camera up for this one this right here Dorito and chicken casserole 101 and if you wanted to really get fancy but you some hot sauce on this bad boy