Super Easy Chinese Honey Chicken Recipe

Super Easy Chinese Honey Chicken Recipe
Hi welcome to spy some hens today will be cooking chicken first you're going to marinate the chicken I haven't been over here approximately 500 grams of chicken signing bonus puzzle pieces like this we need to marinate way 2 tbsp of light soy sauce 1 1/2 tbsp of fresh ginger juice half a teaspoon of black pepper one tablespoon of Chinese cooking wine tablespoon of sesame seed oil once it mixes up well you're adding corn flour 3 tablespoon of corn flour okay. Come up we'll put them in the fridge and marinate them for at least an hour so you back in an hour okay that's going to be marinated in the fridge for one hour I'm just going to put them with coleslaw so you got to do is just get it from so you to handle chopsticks for them well you can play like this Hank Williams I will continue with the rest after this is done you let this rest for 15 minutes

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before we deep fry them navigate to fry chicken to see whether the volume up not just put a bamboo Chopstick inside and you can see bubbles rising up from the traffic the music holding already on medium heat I'm going to try this once this whole the chicken looks like after he has been resting for 15 minutes you can see that is slightly wet which is good because the Flies take a note with that you can I'm going to do double crying because then you'll be very crispy the first time round first to fight twice by all means do so three times by all means do so light golden brown and then we're just going to take him out from the Heat every Friday at the highest temperature like this for a minute or so before we turn it over to the other side don't move them around too much how do I block you think my desk for the chicken to about 80% done 

if you don't want to make a mess of the kitchen and you the one to get Friday the 21st you can afford big them in your oven or in your air fryer 53 up today and Evie Jo just do it like 3 or 4 onto the chicken be give me a few days how did not Brady I'm just going to send it to the other side because I even drowning in case you're wondering how many times can use the oil for deep frying Mommy I use it for two or three times before the food on cooking Friday forty frame for the OU I'll recommend oil that can we send high temperature like in a week or if you have more flavor and he almost too worried about love 

is like a very good try and give it to them all flavor but I wouldn't really recommend it because forget this song Just Kickin it up a little bit just disturbing reduce the salsa lesson. Sticks to the back of this phone like this is really a right and it's done when I put the chicken in and look them up well together if you know how to talk it out even better okay I'm just have that let's give it a taste you can really taste the crispy bits and a honey and ginger really good I will try this play me some German chicken video