I am all about making life in the kitchen easier but with a brand new baby in my household I have to say I have never been more committed to quick and simple weeknight dinner ideas for today I thought I would share three awesome protein-packed 15-minute shrimp dinner recipes that come together in a Flash but taste absolutely irresistible know all three of these delicious recipes are being featured on our brand new website healthy meal plans. Com if you guys haven't checked it out with an amazing meal planning tool that allows you to browse through hundreds of recipes plan your menu for the week

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and then automatically generates your grocery list for you so you can take it to the supermarket easy breezy it will totally it make your life easier so I hope you'll give it a try and let me know what you think. Let's get to our first recipe of the day it's my creamy Tuscan shrimp and oh my gosh so few ingredients but oh so flavorful I think you guys are going to love this one now this recipe starts as most of my favorite recipes do with some butter in the pan was going to melt down this better over medium-high heat once that better is nice and hot and melted will go ahead and get some garlic into the pan and let that heat up and get nice and fragrant wonderful to that I'm going to add it my shrimp and I want to come too easy weeknight cooking of course

I always prefer using already peeled shrimp it is a little more expensive if you want a more affordable option go ahead and buy the unpeeled kind and just feel them yourself totally up to you garlic butter and shrimp match made in heaven well are shrimp is getting fired up in the pan we can hit it with some salt and pepper the ways next season as you go and then it only takes three or four minutes for that shrimp to become a nice the pink opaque I'd be completely cooked through that's why I love shrimp so much out of busy weeknight we're going to go ahead and add some use a little chicken broth or seafood broth hear the idea is you just going to get a nice too liquidy Saucy situation happening in the pan will let that took away until the wine has reduced

by about half and then will add even more wonderful flavor to this recipe by piling in some sun-dried tomatoes as well as some finely chopped kale you're not a caliph and you can go ahead and Swap and some spinach in this recipe both work really really well just important to get some more greens in your life use whatever greens make your heart happy now you could eat this just as if you wanted to but we are going to take it right over the top by making it a little creamier a Little Dream you're a little richer so I've got some half and half cream here as well as some freshly grated Parmesan cheese I'll give this a good sister and we can finish it off with some red pepper flakes know I like serving this just as is but if you wanted to for it over pasta that would also be really really delicious

I like finishing it off with a little bit of fresh parsley and there you have it guys dinner in 15 minutes or less what is not to love about that Brett another quick and easy weeknight dinner idea I am making my coconut curry shrimp now it all starts by creating a really wonderful coconut curry sauce to do that we are going to start my melting some coconut oil when fat coconut oil is all fired up we are going to be adding are diced onion going to let the onion cook down and then we will add some garlic and some ginger onion garlic ginger at the beginning of all great Grays when we can go ahead and curry powder turmeric and some ground coriander whole really really wonderful cooking your space is like this boost the flavor even more you want them to get nice and hot before you add the rest of your ingredients and then I'm going to go ahead and add my diced tomatoes to the pan as well as some coconut milk I'm using full fat coconut milk hair

but if you want to keep this a little later like coconut milk will also work this app is a little salt and pepper while it's simmering away and then we can go ahead and Nestle or shrimp into that wonderful sauce get it all combined and in no time at your shrimp are cooked through you've got this gorgeous Saucy goodness I'm going to finish this off which is a nice handful of fresh cilantro get a little freshness and green this in there and they have it dinner is served how fast and easy was at you actually do all of your chopping during your Sunday meal prep and it would make this recipe even quicker to pull together I like serving this over a little bit of rice and it makes amazing leftover so don't be afraid to make a double that and take it for lunch for 2 or 3 days

finally it for another protein-packed dinner idea I have making my honey lime shrimp which simply couldn't be sure which simply couldn't be together in a non-stick skillet on the stove over medium-high heat and hot forget are shrimp into the pan you can hear that shrimp Sizzle right away when shrimp is Nathan pink and okay if you can go ahead and start building in your flavor so I've got some garlic headed in here and then forcing Savory flavor I'm going to be adding some soy sauce to this and a little bit of honey and then of course because it's honey lime shrimp we are going to add a ton of wonderful lime juice as you guys know it's sort of obsessed with Lion in general once all of that tastiness hit the pan we can give it a good stir and let it cook away for another 2 to 3 minutes or until our shrimp is fully cooked through this is boiling and bubbling and reducing it's going to start to thicken up which means it is time to get some veggies in here

I'm using some broccoli floret and he is just pop them in there and give them a start and let them cook away in that sauce until they're fork-tender in the case of these veggies that only takes about three or four minutes before they're fully cooked and then this yumminess is ready to be enjoyed you could serve it over rice or noodles if you wanted to but I like serving it just as it is it's a really really great low-carb option I hope you guys love all three of these recipes as much as I do and that you'll give them a try in your own kitchen if you do be sure to tweet me Instagram me or Facebook me a photo cuz I always love seeing your Kitchen Creations all three Visa me recipes are being featured on healthy meal plans. Calm so you can find them there and their Link in the description box below of course and finally if you haven't already be sure to subscribe to that first came from