how to make the best pink lemonade 10 second living

Hi I'm Clara from the kitchen kitchen and it says 10 seconds living where I show you how to do practically anything in 10 seconds or less today I'm going to show you how to make one of my favorites pink lemonade it's ultragirl really delicious and very simple to put together so mine has a couple of fun things going on I have one cup of fresh squeezed lemon juice is really important that it's fresh-squeezed don't do the store about stuff fresh squeezed has the best flavor half a cup of cranberry juice that's what makes it pink and then six tablespoons of agave nectar you can also do simple syrup or sugar

How To Make Pink Lemonade 10 Second Living? Please Watch The Video Below

but I like the flavor of agave nectar it's kind of had the brown sugar thing going on 2 cups of water and I have two cups of grapefruit soda you can use any other kind of citrus flavored soda or just plain soda water but I really like the flavor of grapefruit and then you'll notice I kept all of my lemon skin out and the reason why is because I'm going to pour 2 cups of hot water over the lemon skin and pull out all those delicious natural oils I'm going to have very lemony really delicious water to work with so all the flavors are going to layer together and can be a very delicious drink juice

the lemons cover the use half of 2 cups of hot water letting it Infuse strain and the rest of the ingredients saving the grapefruit soda for last my pink lemonade is done it looks adorable I love how pink it is so fun I have to give it a try I was really good it's nice and refreshing and really tart I like all of my drink a little bit on the dry or tart side so there isn't a ton of sugar in here if you like your drink a little bit sweeter feel free to add more sugar add more agave nectar is it also be fantastic with vodka or gin if you wanted to turn it into a cocktail for more recipes like this one check out my blog the kitchen kitchen. Com