how to make carne guisado con papas
how to make carne guisado con papas

Today we're going to be making carne guisada con Papa this is basically a Mexican style beef stew it's cream comfort food it's really easy to make and it's very delicious so I can show you how to make it since you're here hit the like And subscribe button and make sure that the notification Bell is ringing check me out on social media that way you can get notification of all my new recipes so we're going to be using 3 lbs of beef stew meat that's usually Chuck or you can use chuck roast now we're going to need to medium Roma tomatoes one small bell pepper and a half of a medium sized onion three medium chopped up potatoes now we're going to be putting this in after 30 minutes of cook time

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so I'm going to be keeping them in water so I don't get brown 2 tablespoons of minced garlic just going to need one tablespoon of oregano Spanish oregano and also a half of a teaspoon of cumin so we're going to need two tablespoons of North Beef Boy on and then also we're going to need two and a half cups of water now you can use beef broth if you have that I never really have beef broth on me chicken pot pie do a beef broth I never really have it so that's why do this but yes if you do have beef broth go ahead and use 2 and 1/2 cups of beef broth so I'm going to be using 2 tablespoons of California Chili Pepper this is a ground pepper that gives a beautiful color to your food and it has a great pepper flavor this is not spicy but

I know in some places it's probably not available I live in Southern California and I have access to a lot of these different spices but if you can't find it I would try checking Walmart in your Spanish how to see if they do have a sore in your spice section if they don't have it use one tablespoon of McCormick's chili powder and because this is pretty much what is McCormick chili powder hasn't it is New Mexico chili powder this actually brings the Heat and I'm going to be using one tablespoon of this chili powder just to give it a little bit of kick if you don't like spicy food go ahead and leave this portion out but me personally I got to have it in there

and we are finally going to need two tablespoons of flour in a large Skillet or a saute pan we're going to go ahead and drop a little bit of olive oil and then we're going to put our beef in there will basically what we're trying to do here if we're just going to cook all four sides of beef bouillon season with just a little bit of salt and pepper because I really want to check the salt and pepper at the end when everything is put together so I'll like I said all you want to do is just Brown all four sides I'll be in beef now once and we got everything in Roundup we're going to go ahead and add in are 2 tablespoons of all-purpose flour

this is going to thicken everything up we're going to make a nice gravy out of this of beef juices and it's just doing a whole bunch of deliciousness but this is actually to make are still a little bit sick when we put everything together so just go ahead and incorporate your flower into your beef and just keep stirring as you can see it's already picking any up now we're going to go over to a large pot and we're going to go ahead and add a little bit of olive oil and we're going to sweat down our tomato bell peppers and onion so just give him a Stern and we're also going to be seasoning them with salt and pepper now we're going to go ahead and add our minced garlic or onions translucent near your bell peppers are sweat it down in your gear Tomatoes a pretty much broken up to go ahead

and add our beef in there once you got your beef in your vegetables all mixed together now we're going to be crushing in or oregano into the mix and also we're going to be adding the cumin and our chili powders now we're going to be adding in or 2 and 1/2 cups of water mixed with the two tablespoons of beef boy on so once you have it all mixed together now you want to taste for salt now I usually the two tablespoons of be born on it makes it just perfect so if you do need a little bit more salt go ahead and that it and then cover we're going to cook that for a whole hour on low heat now after 30 minutes we're going to be adding in are potatoes so you want to give it a stir and then add your potatoes like I said this cook for 30 minutes

so all we're going to do is just give it a mix get those potatoes Incorporated and then we're going to cover that and let it cook for the remainder third for 1 hour cook time once it's done you have a very soft beef and wonderfully soft potatoes mixed with the whole bunch of flavors you know all those spices and everything it's a very delicious meal now look at that that's a beautiful by right there nice and thick yellow bit of that potato beef explosion of flavor the beef is really really tender putting it on low like that and just let it simmer for you know the whole hour it really really made the beef tender Crock-Pot slow cooker 4 hours

I would say low 8 hours but Power you make it on the stove or you know you're convenient Gadget this right here is a very delicious recipe and you high hope you try it as always I leave the link in the video description and in the comments section so that we can get the full printable recipe at cooking with they're really delicious and they're easy to me thank you so much I truly appreciate it I love you guys as always if you guys have any questions or comments or suggestions of of this recipe, and they go down in the comment section not get back to you shortly they're very good and take care