2 Pounds of Rumba Meats Honeycomb Tripe
1 Liter of Water
½ White Onion
1 head of garlic about 4-5 cloves
1 Branch of Fresh Oregano
1 Branch of Fresh Rosemary
Guajillo Sauce 2 pasilla peppers, 2 guajillo peppers, salt, pepper, cumin, clove of garlic
1 Can of Beef Stock
1 Can of Hominy
2 Potatoes cut into medium sized cubes

first. Clean the Tripe with water and vinegar, and then rinse.
next, Trim the fat around the edges of the tripe.
then, Cut the Tripe into small chunks and add it to a pot with boiling water and cook for about 25 minutes.
Drain the water and rinse the Tripe again. Set aside.
In a large, clean pot add a liter of water, the garlic, onion, salt, fresh herbs, beef stock, potatoes, and tripe.
Bring to a boil and let cook for 20 minutes.
Make the guajillo sauce by removing the seeds and stem from the pasilla and guajillo peppers, and boiling them for 15 minutes in water. Drain the water and blend the softened peppers with one clove of garlic, salt, pepper, onion, and cumin. Strain the mixture with a strainer.
Add the guajillo sauce and the hominy to the pot with the rest of the ingredients and let cook for an additional 10 minutes.
Serve with lime, onion, and cilantro.


Okay to get started I will be using 3 lbs of honeycomb tripe this is right under 3 lb and typically I am lucky enough to find it at my local store precut but today I had no such luck so I'm going to go ahead and remove it from the package give it a good rent and cut it into bite-size 1-inch pieces somewhere around there so if you are new to my channel welcome welcome to my channel gochujang mama and if you are one of my faithful followers you probably know

I already have emmanoodle video out there I did that a couple of years ago but today it's cold my husband requested menudo I'm going to do a quicker version of my menudo recipe and again like I said I didn't find pre-cut tripe so here I am with large pieces but I do find it easier to clean and that's what I want to stress tip number one wash and clean your tripe well basically run it under cold water looks any debris sometimes you get hair I know that sounds crazy and I will also warn you if you have never tried menudo and you're making it for the first time try it does not smell good and there are a lot of tips to Boiling tri-band to lessen the gaminess of it and there's also two types of tripe that

I grew up having in menudo the one you see here which is called honeycomb tripe and the second one would be a smooth right now I wanted to show you I turned off some fat that was in some of the layers of tripe it's not a lot but you know it helps lessen any grease floating to the top of the menudo so again I've already cut this into 1 inch pieces so now I'm just going to rinse repeat and rinse Again by the way be sure to check the description below this video for the ingredients and measurements that I used for the recipe now if you like beef Trotters or pigs feet in your menudo

I will say this you want to start pre boiling those an hour to two hours before boiling your tripe but I'm not using Trotters or pig feet today so here I have an 8-quart pot and I have 5 quarts of water and this is just room temperature water it's not hot or boiling and now what I'm going to do is just my cleaned and washed and prepped honeycomb tripe I'm going to add it right into the pot now what the recipe on making today feed somewhere between six to eight people comfortably it definitely feeds for people with leftovers that's about as close to the serving size

I can give you your basically going to end up with around 4 to 4 and 1/2 quarts of menudo with its recipe today okay so now I'm going to add salt to taste I will be adding 1 and 1/2 tablespoons of kosher salt you do not have to use kosher salt and just letting you know what I'm using it's what I had you can use the salt of your choice and again season to taste I started with a tablespoon and a half I'm also going to be adding to dried bay leaves I will also add three cloves of fresh garlic and half of a medium sized onion and I will reserve the other half for the puree the chili puree that I'll make that goes into this pot now I also want to add that if you want to take away gaminess and the smell of the tribe to help lessen it you can also add a lime and some Mexican or diagonal I will tell you why I don't I actually prefer not to add the line because I feel like the bitter oil that releases from the zest I just taste it and it adds a bitterness and I don't like to it so this is why I opted to keep that out and as far as the oregano I don't like to choke on it and I like to. But that is my preference but you can definitely add that now so

I am going to bring this up to a boil just like this and then cook it for 1 hour and I do want to stress don't start your our cook time before it starts to boil because it will throw off the cook time so make sure it's boiling just like this before you time it an hour so I'm going to move on to the puree here I have six guajillo Chiles and three cheese edible this is the combination I'm using today because it's what I have I've already remove the seeds clean them and rinsed off any debris and dust and then I'm going to steep them until they are pliable basically I'm going to take a small pot of water I'm going to submerge my dried Chiles just like this

and I'm also going to be adding four cloves of garlic some onion and again I'm going to bring the water up to a boil and as soon as it starts to boil I'm going to shut the heat off cover it with a lid and everything too steep for round 30 to 45 minutes so I'm just going to continue adding the ingredients to the pot and while I'm doing that I want to mention if this is your first time making menudo or you're just here because you want to see someone else's version or take on menudo I like to always let my viewers know make this recipe your own if you want to change the ratio of ingredients if you want to add more salt or if you want to add other spices and seasonings do so use what you have in your pantry and make it your own because that some of the best food

that you'll get out of your kitchen at least that's my opinion but anyways so my pot of water is boiling so I'm going to shut the heat off cover it with a lid and allow it to speak for 30 to 45 minutes okay so now that everything is pliable and steeped I am going to. So here in my blood drive at at all the Chili's and onion and garlic now I'm adding one cup of the boiling liquid from them into the pot and I'm also going to add one tablespoon of Mexican or they going to now remember when I said earlier you could definitely add it to the pot that's boiling but I like to add it into the puree because it breaks it down and you just don't have these large chunks of oregano floating in your Monopoly but again that's just my preference you don't have to do that so I'm going to puree this and now that it's all Blended in pureed I am going to sit it again that is another thing

I like to do I like to see if anything that did not get pureed you don't have to do that you could totally skip this step but I like to do it so I'm going to add another cup a boiling liquid from the menudo pot to this to help it Civ through this wire mesh strainer okay so I'm going to discard everything that did not get Blended and here's pretty much what I end up with a smooth puree so now I'm ready to add this to my pot of boiling tribe so my tribe has been boiling for 1 hour I'm going to give it a stir and basically I'm going to add this chili puree and I'm also going to continue cooking it for another hour again you want to wait till your pot of boiling liquid comes up to a boil and then start your timer for another hour so I'm just going to get any residual chili puree by dunking it in my man who bought and I'm also going to add 2 teaspoons of ground cumin

and I do want to mention this to you guys if you want to add any other seasonings there was a time where I felt like it was missing something and I actually added a tablespoon of chili powder on top of the chili puree and some dried onion powder and granulated garlic powder even after adding fresh onion and garlic sometimes you just got to spice things up and make it your own so those are just ideas okay so everything is combined well and again you just want to cook this for another hour the name of the game is to get a tender tri-tip so it has been one hour I'm going to skim off some of the grease that's floating at the top and I'm going to fish out the bay leaf at this point I have to in there so I'll find it so right now we are in the home stretch of menudo making and the time will vary because it just depends how high do you have your heat I have it on a medium boil it's not a hard boil and it's not oh gentle simmer it's somewhere in between so I'm just giving off anything that floats to the top that I don't want and I'm into though this is Greece this is basically rendered fat from the tribe and once I clean that out I am going to add my hominy now

I know what you're saying some of you because I've read comments for my last video that true menudo does not have Harmony that I save it I grew up having hominy and my menudo I am using a 30 Oz can which is been rinsed and drained of hominy so again if you do not like how many or you don't want it just don't add it I guess it's optional but for me that's the way I grew up having it and I'd be a bit disappointed if I had a bowl of menudo and you hung me okay so I'm bringing this back up to a boil and I'm going to continue cooking for another 45 minutes or until the tribe does tender whichever comes first okay so 45 minutes is up and my menudo is done and as you can see basically half of this 8-quart pot is full which gives you around for core of menudo so I'm going to serve a bowl because my husband requested menudo it is very cold today and this will definitely warm us up now I wanted to show you how tender

this is basically if you can take your spoon and cut right through the tribe that's a good texture but again it's to your preference sometimes you might want more of a chew your bite I just wanted to enter okay so I'm going to add some fresh onion I'm going to add some chop cilantro some jalapeno a hint of lime and that is pretty much the perfect bowl of menudo and actually my husband's hungry so he's going to dive into this as soon as I'm done so I can't say that this recipe is a quick one but it's pretty much easy since I didn't use pig feet or beef Trotters it lessen the cook time of making a pot in the noodle and it was a smaller Mount I hope you get this recipe a try I hope you like it and thanks for watching