the best shakshuka aka tomato eggs-world's best breakfast recipe
the best shakshuka aka tomato eggs-world's best breakfast recipe

It means the best most delicious eggs in the entire world literal translation okay maybe not but what I do know is that shukshukta is an amazingly delicious super easy healthy egg dish that you can make for a brunch you can make it for breakfast you can make it for lunch you can even make it for supper and it is super Hardy full of flavor and it is sure to please a crowd so stick around and I'm going to show you how to make this bad boy first thing we're going to do is chop up are tomatoes really simply you don't want to book five large tomatoes for three people are we going to do is really simply dropped a tomato and half movies upper parts we don't want those really simply get rid of those and all you want to do is give it a really really rough chop

How To Make The Best Shakshuka Aka Tomato Eggs? Please Watch The Video Below

don't be too fussy with it nice big chunks will work just fine you can cut it in half and then you can just sort of cutting into these large cubes like outside nootropic all your tomatoes this is really good even if you have some older to me or some really bruised ones that aren't so pretty anymore you want to use them all up and it's perfect right now because it's the end of tomato season so you got all of these leftover tomato so you can just check into your shakshuka some people like to remove the skin first of the Tomato I find that you don't really need to I mean the Tomato going to cook down and you're not really going to taste it anyways if you want to you could very simply boil the tomatoes in a little pot of boiling water for about a minute and then you just remove them and you can peel the skin right off that way

but I like to keep them on because it's just much faster Good and Plenty of tomato right there you're going to want a boat a full onion for this recipe you just remove the skin like so you're going to chop it right down the middle and then we're just going to remove all of this outer skin I don't throw out these skins put them in the freezer bag throw them in the freezer you can save them for a stock when you make later on so with the onions were just going to give it a really quick dice again we're going to cook this down quite a bit so you don't forget to fussing and I have to be perfect really quick dice you set that aside now we're going to want some garlic lots of garlic going to need three to four cloves I like to use a lot of 5 cloves of garlic today

I like a lot of garlic garlic garlic do smash the garlic really quickly God is making me cry all the onions I'm smashing the skin just peeled right off my eyes are watering shakshuka so much make you cry quickly good with that in with your onions that ladies and gentlemen is all we're going to need for our so let's go over the pan I'm going to use a cast iron pan for this a really heavy bottom pan it retains the heat really nicely evenly throughout you could use a nonstick skillet you could use a dutch oven you could use whatever you want for this I like to make it in a cast iron pan going to set our heat to about a medium high and now we go in with a healthy amount of olive oil this is going to be like our sauce so don't be afraid to use a nice good amount of olive oil we're going to go straight in with are onions and garlic together put the garlic with the onion pickles garlic has a tendency to burn

when you mix it in with the onions it's sort of cools down the panel little bit more and doesn't burn as quickly so who was the onions and garlic going to give that Aster spread it throughout pan immediately all the beautiful Roma's perfume from the garlic in the onion starts to hit the air in your kitchen smells amazing we're going to hit them with a little pinch of salt just the sort of speed up that cooking process just a little bit you season as you go two little little sister smells so good the great thing about this cast iron skillet is that it's super non-stick nothing will stick to the bottom of this pan we're going to sweat these down for about 5 to 10 minutes depending on the keyboard want to keep it at a medium low now just so we don't burn the onions or the garlic all right

so now are onions in our garlic are nice and translucent we've even got a little bit of color but hey I'm human and it's a little bit more flavor to the dish so now before we go in with our Tomatoes we want to hit it with some smoked paprika this is one of our secret ingredients the second secret ingredient is coming up we're going to toast it really quickly with the onions and the garlic in the oil if you would have put this after the tomatoes you would steam it and it wouldn't be as good you wouldn't get all those essential oils out of the paprika this sort of hosts the spice really nicely we're going to put in about a teaspoon cuz it's really strong stuff but the smoking is going to have such a beautiful beautiful depth of flavor to this disk give that a quickster

we don't want to cook the smoked paprika too long otherwise it'll it'll burn all we want to do is just toast it nicely in the onions and it smells glorious in this kitchen beautiful next we go in without tomatoes you could use can tomatoes out of a can if you like but because it's the end of tomato season I want to use all these beautiful gorgeous feel Tomatoes organically grown fresh from the garden just going to toss the onions with the tomatoes in this is all going to get cooked down to a beautiful beautiful pureed we're going to hit it with a little bit of salt and some freshly cracked black pepper going to make a lovely tomato sauce for shakshuka many different recipes call for different ingredients in shakshuka you can make it with diced Peppers

you can make it with carrots if you want for sweetness I like to keep shakshuka really simple store ingredients of shakshuka are the tomatoes in the eggs and all I want to do is highlight those flavors nothing more does this look good that's what I'm talking about wait till you see it finished now that these flavors are all coming together what I want to do is I want to keep all that steam inside I want to cook the tomatoes a little bit quicker so I'm just going to hit it with a lid drop the heat to medium-low and continue to stir occasionally to prevent burning on the bottom of the pan so check it out our beautiful tomatoes have been stewing away for about 10 to 15 minutes nap

and now when it's reaching this texture you see the sort of like clumpy chunky texture this is what we want I don't want it to be completely dissolved because I think it's rather nice when you bite into a beautiful egg and you got that beautiful juiciness of the Tomato alongside it so it's almost ready here not quite because we need to put in our final secret ingredient let me introduce you to amazing incredible how do you say how do you say is a Tunisian chili blend it's almost like a chili sauce in the greatest thing about this delicious chili paste my friends is that it is you can pick this up at any of your local Middle Eastern grocery stores some regular grocery stores carry it now too it is extremely spicy it packs a punch so use it at your own discretion

I quite like a spicy so I'm going to go in with a boat a full teaspoon of this bad boy right in put in a little more teaspoon in 1/4 and that what we want to do is we just want to stir this amazing how do you say throughout our to me and Incorporated all the way through such a beautiful dish with this red creamy tomato sauce and it's going to be so amazing when he put her eggs right into this and at this point I want to taste it for seasonings I want to see if I need a little bit more salt a little bit more Cracked Pepper if I wanted a little bit spicier so we're just going to give it a little taste I think it needs a little bit more salt Just A Pinch that's going to help bring up all those flavors they put in there now what we want to do is we want to crack or eggs right into the shakshuka

what I like to do is with one hand I like to make a little pocket with the spoon you crack an egg right in there Looks So Perfect now we're just going to keep going around the edge of the pain cracking are eggs right in there don't touch it don't Stir It Don't scramble it just let the eggs do their thing Reddit beautiful coach in that rich delicious tomato sauce that we've made the eggs are perfectly cooked and now the way I like to finish it off beautiful olives just going to give you a nice quick rough chop spread these throughout our shakshuka really rustic I like to just spread them over talk finally to take some fresh cilantro coriander you could use parsley you could use dill you could use tarragon any fresh herbal do but I love this with cilantro nice rough chop and this is just going to go right over top of our shakshuka absolute best part about this dish it's all made in a single pan clean up the breeze way I like to serve it just really really simply on its own

I mean this does not mean anything if you weren't paleo you would eat it with a slice of bread but we don't need any of that and trust me it's only going to take away from these delicious flavors so she's going to moon in one of those eggs and I like to cook it just until the whites are cooked but leaving those yolks running circle with a spoon and watch this just going to beautifully open up those beautiful runny yolk perfectly cook no we must taste at my friend's I want a little bit of all of us as well. Smells so good 11 egg yolk breaks into the tomato sauce makes it so creamy and rich in the tomato sauce too spicy and salty and cilantro brings a stomach specialist fantastic speakers for your friends make it for your family and Unleash Your Primal Gourmet if you like this video If you get the Subscribe button right where is it from right here that's where it is enjoy your day